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In honor of what could have been: Jared Allen and his iPod

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Today, Carl Peterson, GM of my beloved Kansas City Chiefs, decided to trade Defensive End Jared Allen, who led the league last year with 15.5 sacks and even caught two td passes. These achievements were all accomplished on a hilariously horrible team that went 4-12 and lost their last 9 games to cap off 2007. Allen will go to Minnesota to play for the Vikings and was rewarded with the salary he should have received here in my opinion. Good for him. In exchange, KC received a 1st round pick (17) and two third round picks as well as a 6th round swap (if I remember correctly).

The logic of the organization seems to be “get better by getting younger”. The philosophy began taking form today with the Chiefs trading the grizzled and worn 26 year old veteran who is also widely considered to be the best player on the team.

I’m not really sure what the idea Peterson is trying to get across here other than infuriate the KC fan base. Anyways, instead of sitting here complaining about the astounding credentials of a GM who has won all of 1 playoff game in 15 years, I will post a pic of our old friend Jared Allen, the man Carl Peterson himself and also this random animated gif.

I hope you have a better day than we do here in KC. Heck, maybe we’ll get Jared Allen’s iPod in for repair someday.


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