Important patent for SIM connector win for Apple

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According to a recent article for CNet, Apple has been awarded a patent covering how SIM cards can be replaced or removed in a device. The patent may be applied to any SIM card other than a mini-SIM card, and Patently Apple reported that its application is not limited to Apple devices either.

Patently Apple reported that the SIM card connector invention is not as much innovative as it is competitive. The source explained that devices that support 3G or 4G connectivity typically require the use of a SIM card, which are used to identify subscribers using mobile devices.

“Apple had pushed its nano SIM card technology, and promised free use of the technology in exchanged for similar terms for their own industry-standard technology, an offer that its competitors balked at,” CNet contributor Roger Cheng wrote. “Having an approved patent gives Apple further ammunition if the industry continues to fight over industry standards.”

The SIM card connector may be used for any types of phone, computer, monitor or SIM-enabled device. If any problems should arise with your Apple device, look to iResQ's iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iPod touch repair services to get you mobile again.

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