If you’ve got iPhone 5c lightning connector issues, we’re here to help

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Among all possible iPhone repair needs, iPhone 5c lightning connector issues can be among those most difficult to fix. Because a working lightning port is necessary to charge an iPhone, a faulty lighting connector can give users a massive headache as they temporarily have to deal with a phone they have no ability to power. In order to deal with this problem, we recommend two different tiers of solutions – one simple little bit of diagnostic cleaning that might just fix your port and leave you without any problems, and one much more involved fix that might be necessary if the first one doesn't work. As it always the case with iPhone repairs, we here at iResQ are here to help, and if you get stuck you should feel free to send it to us.

The first fix, reported form the Engadget discussion forums, is a simple procedure that involves taking a thin paper clip and putting it gently into the port. What you'll want to do here is pull the lint in the port out with a paper clip. Be careful though – you don't want to permanently scratch anything. Frequently a lightning connector port can become stuffed with lint, and this is the reason they sometimes seem to stop working – there is no actual problem with the port itself, it is just that the cable wasn't able to get to the connector. 

The other solution
Sometimes the first way of doing things doesn't work, and you have to take out the big guns. Or, as is the case here, the incredibly elaborate case of complex, specialized tools. In order to actually replace a lightning port, which is your best bet to fix the problem if the whole lint issue fix doesn't work.  This other solution involves opening your iPhone 5, after making sure your replacement dock connector, suction cup, 5-point security screwdrivers, standard #000 Phillips screwdriver, Spudger tool, razor blade and iSesamo opening tool are ready to go. This fix come to us from iMore, a place filled with step-by-step guides on how to perform this kind of phone surgery.

Fixing your iPhone can be a difficult process. If it becomes too difficult, or you can't find an entire assembly of slightly different sized screwdrivers, give us a call here at iResQ and we'll help you to get the best possible deal on having your phone fixed quickly. We've got the skill set and tool set to get your phone back to you as fast as possible. 

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