iBreak: The Daily Roundup (5/8)

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Seeing a rainbow on your computer screen

  • The situation: As beautiful as rainbows are, they're not so pretty when they run across your computer screen. Such was the unfortunate case with a Georgia customer who reached out to us because the magnificent rainbow traversing his MacBook screen was preventing him from using his computer.
  • What caused it: The customer suspects that the device sustained some kind of blow while it was closed, causing internal damage. This just goes to show that your computer does not have to be open for it to have screen damage when dropped. Just because the screen isn't cracked doesn't mean it's in great working order. And in fact, a rainbow appearance like the one the customer is describing can hint at a more cumbersome (and costly) problem. 
  • The solution: We'll look at the device and assess it to discover the root of the problem. From there we will carry out a repair at the smallest possible cost to the customer.

iPod refuses to turn off

  • The situation: A woman got in contact with us because her older iPod – one of the ones with a wheel – is having a peculiar problem: it won't turn off until the battery is completely drained. And according to her, it's not just that it won't power off, but it won't stop playing music. That's right – this is the iPod that rocks out until lights out.
  • What caused it: The woman has no idea. She told us that she's taken great care of it and has never dropped it or otherwise subjected it to damaging treatment. However, she did mention that her iPod is her constant running companion, and that she uses it during runs roughly three times a week while she's on the treadmill. This opens up the possibility that sweat has something to do with it. If that's the case, then it's possible that this issue has nothing to do with her iPod and everything to do with the headphones she's using. See, there are certain kinds of headphones that have a “play” and “stop” function built into them. These headphones can be convenient for easy song access, but they also present some problems. If excess sweat accumulates in the headphone, it has the potential to disrupt the headphone's wiring, and since this wiring is connected to the device, the iPod will then appear to be defective, when really what's been impacted is a headphone functionality. One answer to this is to buy special sweat-resistant headphones, particularly for occasions when you'll be doing intensive physical activity like running. Here's a helpful list of some optimal earpieces for those long sweat sessions in the gym. 
  • The solution: As per the woman's request, we'll perform a comprehensive evaluation of the entire device and see if it requires an iPod repair. It is somewhat possible, however, that this is a headphone issue, and if that's the case, we'll turn her attention to a better pair of headphones.

My device is dog gone broken

  • The situation: A Nebraska man reached out to us to explain that his device had fallen out of his hands and cracked.
  • What caused it: Blame the dog for this one. Unfortunately for the man, his overzealous pooch gave him a particularly effusive greeting when he walked through the door, leading to the device's unfortunate plummet.
  • The solution: It is pretty clear that a screen repair is in order in this instance.

iPad selective screen difficulty

  • The situation: A man from our nation's capital hit us up because his iPad was experiencing a peculiar problem: Its screen worked fine, all but for one part in the upper left hand corner, which seemed to be completely numb. For example, if he was dragging an icon and the icon happened to land in that problem corner, he would lose control of it because that part of the screen would not respond to his touch.
  • What caused it: No surprise here: A drop led to this issue. Dropping devices is the most destructive everyday thing that happens to Apple products. Sure, there are miraculous stories of devices emerging unscathed from huge falls, but for the most part you can expect a repair.
  • The solution: A repair at our store will do the trick. 
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