iBreak: The Daily Roundup (5/7)

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Where oh where did my charge go?

  • The situation: A customer reached out to us because their iPod stopped charging, necessitating an iPod repair.
  • What caused it: The underlying cause is unclear at this point.
  • The solution: The customer has chosen to send the device to us for a repair, and we'll do quick and efficient work of troubleshooting the problem, fixing it, and returning the iPod at a low cost. However, we wanted to point out that there are several at-home techniques you can attempt in the event that your iPod or iPhone stops charging. Here are a few of them, courtesy of Sam Costello:
  1. Restart the device. Apple products often function like human bodies: They get overtaxed, and, as a result, they get tired and can potentially stop carrying out basic processes. Therefore, a simple powering off and on of the device can actually make a world of difference. Among other things, we've noticed that weird playback and unwanted repetition on the iPod are all things that can usually be remedied with the simple act of restarting.
  2. Check for lint. A failure to charge could mean your device has accumulated some unwanted materials that are actively impeding its charge. Therefore, you should consider doing a little bit of dusting up before looking into that professional iPod repair.  This includes examining the cable as well as the dock on the device for any undesirable matter.
  3. Activate recovery mode. If restarting the device is the same as you taking a restorative nap, then enabling recovery mode is like falling into and waking up from a deep slumber. It does additional work beyond restarting to solve deeper and perhaps more complex issues. Just be careful to backup your data when operating in this mode.

A rather dubious seeming repair company appears to do more harm than good

  • The situation: A Michigan woman reached out to us after an unfortunate series of events: First, she took her iPod in to a local repair service because the screen had been cracked. When those repair people returned her device, the screen was fixed, but the device would not longer turn on.
  • What caused it: According to the woman, the local repair staff told her that the battery must be fried. It seems highly suspect that the battery would die in their care when that was not even the problem the woman needed them to fix in the first place. 
  • The solution: She is sending the device to us here at iResQ for an iPod battery replacement. We don't want to outright blame the original repair company she brought her device to, but again it seems odd that something so calamitous as a battery failure would happen at their shop, and that they would not have fixed it. From the sound of things, this is perhaps not the greatest Apple repair store in the world. The lesson here is to be discerning as a customer in terms of who you allow to fix your devices. When searching for a service, look for things like a strong BBB Business review and other indications of a credible operation. iResQ, for instance, received an A+ from BBB Business Review, so customers can know objectively that it's a trustworthy enterprise.

Device screen is left with a bad impression

  • The situation: A Portland man contacted us because his computer's LCD screen sustained some damage resulting in what he called a “'ghost' double screen.” 
  • What caused it: Let's just say that beads and Apple screens were never meant to get too close. We're not sure how some beads found their way onto his computer keyboard, but they did, and they remained there when he closed his device. This caused the beads to apply pressure to the LCD which, as the man aptly observed, has led to the damage he's reaching out to us to rectify.
  • The solution: A device screen repair is in order. 

Nothing like an iPad fall to put a dent in the situation

  • The situation: A man from our nation's capital reached out to us seeking an iPad repair due to a cracked screen.
  • What caused it: We've heard that life in D.C. is always moving in the fast lane, and apparently for this customer it was going a little too fast, leading him to accidentally drop his device, resulting in a crack. 
  • The solution: We get so many emails like his about cracked device screens. In fact, these seem to constitute the majority of repairs we carry out. The plus side of that is that we are extremely good at screen replacements, since literally not a day goes by without multiple such requests. 

As these examples illustrate, people around the country deal with repair needs every day. You may find yourself in this situation one day, and if you do, we strongly suggest giving us a call, since you'll benefit from our free diagnostic service.

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