iBreak: The Daily Roundup (5/12)

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Save your back pocket for your wallet

  • The situation: A Connecticut woman reached out to us in need of an iPhone screen repair. Her problem is that the device's screen emitted practically zero light. Therefore, although the phone itself is functional, the screen's blank display makes it extremely difficult to navigate.
  • What caused it: There's a reason we reserve our back pockets for wallets and out front ones for everything else. After all, the force with which you sit on a chair has the potential to quash even a robust electronic device's functionality. While we're sure some people have gotten away with sitting on devices unscathed, this is not the norm, and such situations should be avoided.
  • The solution: We will determine whether just a screen repair is necessary or if the damage necessitates further repairs.

Not hard to gauge the source of this problem

  • The situation: A Kentucky man sent his laptop in because it has a crack in the screen.
  • What caused it: For those of you who've never seen them, this is what gauges look like. A popular earring choice, particularly among certain swaths of millennials, these things can up your cool factor a whole lot. Unfortunately, they have the exact opposite effect when they come in between a computer screen and a keyboard. The Kentucky customer learned this the hard way after a foreboding “crunch” noise indicated that he'd left his gauges on the keyboard before shutting the device. 
  • The solution: As the customer pointed out, the computer not only sustained a crack, but the crack itself is spreading. Unfortunately, this is par for the course with a screen crack, and there's nothing you can do to quell it except seek out a screen repair.

The pitfalls of do-it-yourself (dis)repair

  • The situation: An Arkansas man got in touch with us because his device's glass screen and LCD required repairs.
  • What caused it: When you decide to undertake a DIY repair, you must know exactly what you're getting into. One wrong move can create a new problem instead of solving the original one. Such was the case here when the man's attempt to repair a crack in the glass actually led to deeper repair needs for the LCD display.
  • The solution: We will perform a device repair that mends both the original problem and the one he created. For all you DIY-ers out there, we would never discourage at-home repair solutions when possible, but just make sure you know every step you're going to take before commencing the repair. We recommend iFixit to anyone looking to go the DIY route. Not only does the site provide clear instructions for repair, but it will also give you an idea of if the repair you had in mind is too complex for you (like this 38-step logic board repair guide, for example).

iPad is not the ideal kitchen aid

  • The situation: A Minnesota man asked us for an iPad repair because his device sustained water damage, leading the LCD display to appear cloudy.
  • What caused it: There are many ways the iPad is an invaluable tool in the kitchen. From letting you explore new cooking horizons to providing the music to get you through an afternoon of marinating, it's perhaps a better culinary companion than even a sous-chef. But just make sure you keep it a safe distance from the sink (or any other water source), or else you risk significant damage. This customer managed to spill some water directly onto his iPad, leading to the fog problem.
  • The solution: It looks like a full-on iPad screen repair is in order here. To prevent a situation like this from happening to you, be mindful of water sources around your device. 
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