iBreak story: Rocking too hard

iPhone / General Knowledge

Going to music concerts or festivals can be an enjoyable experience – hanging around with friends, enjoying a cold one and listening to some awesome bands. But as one festival goer from Brooklyn, New York recently discovered, rocking out to a jam session might not be the best for an iPhone.

Carrying the device around all day in his backpack and going from show to show, the music lover was constantly in motion, causing the iPhone 4 to move around violently. When he got back to his apartment, he found that his iPhone wouldn't charge. He tried everything: different chargers, plugging it in his computer and then into a wall, but all to no avail. Frustrated by the situation, he started looking for iPhone repair services.

He landed on iResQ and sent in his device, not knowing whether it was a battery or charging issue. Their expert technicians determined there was an issue with the dock connector. They first tried cleaning it, but when that didn't work, they replaced it with a brand new one. Voila! The problem had been fixed for the reasonable price of $39. The customer was extremely happy to finally be able to plug in his phone again and have it charge properly.

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