iBreak story: Milk and iPhones

General Knowledge

I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy some cookies and milk. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? How about some milk and iPhone? Doesn’t quite get my mouth watering in the same way. One four-year-old milk and cookies lover from Victorville, California, recently decided to add a little bit of iPhone to the mix. This four-year-old’s mother shared her story with us, confirming that the device was damaged when her daughter was playing with it at the dinner table and dropped it in a glass of milk.

When we received the 32 GB iPhone 4S, the device had no power at all, even when it was plugged into a charger. When we opened up the device, we discovered the internal components were badly corroded from the milk. The corrosion had caused damage to the dock, logic board, battery, power button, front and back cameras and the headphone jack.

Some of the char marks made it so that we were unable to clean off the corrosion on all the mentioned components to perform a simple iPhone repair. All of the components needed to be replaced in order to get the iPhone functional once again. This might be a good lesson in the value of leaving your devices aside when at the dinner table.

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