iBreak story: A repair expedition

MacBook / General Knowledge

Volunteering time to lead student expeditions is a noble task for any adventurous person to undertake. However, as one Apple owner from Palo Alto, California, recently found out, it's not always the best environment for computers.

A woman who has lead numerous treks for National Geographic took her MacBook with her on a recent expedition to South America this summer. Placing it in her backpack for the entire trip covered with a neoprene sleeve, she thought it was more then safe while leading hikes and exploring areas.

However, the next time she tried to use her device, something with the computer's screen was wrong. Only half of the screen came on, and she was unable to login or do anything on her computer. She frantically searched for the best MacBook screen repair service around.

The owner landed on iResQ. Their experts determined that the LCD screen had failed, and the customer gave technicians permission to perform the necessary repairs. Not only did the woman receive her screen back in pristine condition, she also received the new hard drive that she asked the experts to install. Now she is all set to head out on another expedition with a MacBook that is as good as new.

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