iBreak story: A Mini problem

iPad / General Knowledge

While an iPad Mini may be more convenient to carry around when traveling than its larger iPad brother, it may be easier to forget. A man from Duluth, Georgia, found out just how easy that was when putting away music equipment.

The man was packing up his vehicle with a guitar and amp. Before placing those heavy things into the vehicle, he set his iPad Mini on top of the car. When he was done getting all of the things situated in the trunk, the man drove off, forgetting his device was still on the top of his car.

An hour had passed and someone contacted him about the Mini they had found on the pavement. When the man got it back, he expected the worst, but the device had actually held up pretty good. The screen wasn't cracked and there wasn't a vast amount of damage, thanks to a carrying case. Still the back casing was bent and there were chips in the bezel that needed to be taken care of.

The man sent his device to iResQ, where expert technicians took care of his iPad repair needs by performing a backplate replacement. With his device as good as new, the man will definitely look twice before driving off again.

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