iBreak Stories Vol. 3: The backpack with the broken iPod

General Knowledge

Here at iResQ, we love to keep our iOS devices within reach whenever possible – you never know when you’ll want to play a quick game of Angry Birds. So we can sympathize with the young owner of this broken iPod touch, which is the subject of our latest iBreak story.

This fourth generation iPod touch came to us from Virginia Beach, Virginia. It broke while inside of a fifth grader’s backpack. The student claimed not to know how this had happened, but we have some theories: Have you seen the heavy textbooks kids have to carry? Those things could break more than an iPod screen.

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix for our trained technicians at iResQ to replace the cracked screen and make sure this young student can get back to enjoying music and apps. The iPod touch just needs a new LCD screen and digitizer. While these sound like two different parts, they come as one, and we handle the fix in one quick process (and one quick day!) with our LCD and digitizer repair/replacement service.

If you’ve broken your iPod touch or other iOS device, you can take advantage of our free diagnostics, as well as our wide range of iPod repair and other Apple repair services. We want to make sure you’ll have your iPod whenever you need it.

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