iBreak Stories: TSAccident

General Knowledge

Going through airport security can be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to untie your shoes and empty your pockets, but chances are you have a few electronic gadgets to look after as well. For one iPhone 4 owner from West Barnstable, Massachusetts, putting the device through security resulted in the wrong kind of random screening.

The iResQ customer’s phone was knocked from the tray used in the TSA security line and fell six feet onto a concrete floor, breaking the display. After thorough inspection (plugging the iPhone into a computer), the customer determined the phone still worked but needed repairs. The security agency denied liability, but the iPhone owner was able to turn to iResQ’s iPhone repair services for a quick and affordable fix.

We found that the front panel and backplate were both severely damaged, and the front panel displayed nothing. Fortunately, all physical damage was remedied by replacing these two parts. Now the phone has a new front panel, and the screen is working normally. The owner can get back to keeping in touch while on the road and watching Con Air in the process.

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