iBreak stories: Tight jeans, cracked screens

General Knowledge

Who would have thought a tight pair of jeans could ever lead to a need for iPhone repair? Unfortunately for one customer of iResQ, that is exactly what happened, and according to her, it wasn't the first time.

The customer owned a black iPhone 4 and not just once, but on two separate occasions accidentally put it in her back pocket and sat on it, thereby breaking the screen. The great prices and quick service of iResQ repair from the customer's first experience with the company brought her back for the second time. According to what she said, the customer believes the tight jean sand shorts she wears caused the phones to crack when she sat down. She said it may be time she invests in either a new case or a new wardrobe, but we're not going to judge.

From iResQ's end, the fix was quite easy. All we had to do was replace the screen and the device was as good as new. While we can't comment on our customer's wardrobe choices, she may want to consider putting the device in a different pocket or in her purse when she sits down to avoid the future costs of iPhone repair. While we do offer an inexpensive service, no one wants to pay for having for a cracked screen over and over again.

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