iBreak stories: Throw me a bone

General Knowledge

MacBook screens have been damaged in plenty of ways. Sliding off of the counter. Falling out of a briefcase. Being sat on. But one of the most unique ways a MacBook screen has ever been damaged involves a dog and a bone.

A Massachusetts MacBook user was playing with his dog, chasing it around the space. The dog, like any other dog, was happily frolicking with its owner with a bone in its mouth. The constant egging and teasing of the owner caused the dog to shake its head violently. On the last shake, it let the bone go from the clutches of its jaws, sending it flying through the air before smashing into the beautiful 15-inch retina display screen of the owner's MacBook Pro, causing it to break.

The owner knelt down in dismay, looking at the damage the poor pooch had caused by throwing the bone. The dog laid down in silence, knowing that the fun was over. But like any loyal dog would do, it stayed by its master side while he diligently searched for a MacBook screen repair shop. The owner landed on iResQ and started the process of shipping the damaged MacBook into the facility for repair. The iResQ team replaced the damaged screen within a couple of days and sent the device back on its way to the happy owner and dog, who has since been forgiven for the deed.

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