iBreak Stories: This battery is too old

General Knowledge

We understand how your one playlist from 2008 might have gotten a little repetitive and ended up causing you to toss your iPod in a drawer somewhere. It was, after all, Flo Rida’s breakout year.

That’s why we weren’t too surprised when we received this third generation 4GB iPod Nano that had gone unused for so long that its Peoria, Arizona, user couldn’t get it to turn on. It also wouldn’t charge or sync with a computer.

We plugged it into a power source and waited for a long, long time. Then we waited some more before finally discovering that it actually would turn on and sync — it just wouldn’t keep a charge. The battery was too old and needed to be replaced. Fortunately, this is an easy fix for our iResQ specialists, as we’ve been doing iPod repair since the first iPod arrived on the market.

You don’t have to let a dead battery, cracked screen or other problem keep you from hanging on to your music player, even if you think it’s outdated. Just like that Beyonce song that’s on its coveted best of 2007 playlist, your classic device might just be irreplaceable.

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