iBreak stories: Thief’s anger gets the best of iPad screen

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A Massachusetts user's iPad suffered a broken screen after being stolen from her vehicle.

Upon discovering her iPad was missing, the user utilized a locating application to determine where the thief took her device. Because the iPad was still online, the user was able to pinpoint where it was located. She then told local police the address of where her iPad was taken. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the address, detectives recovered the iPad with a broken screen, prompting the user to send her device to iResQ for an iPad screen repair.

The user stated she thought the thief's motivations for smashing the device's screen came when he discovered the device's owner had located the lost property and sent police to recover it. According to a Boston criminal defense attorney, it is a felony to be in possession of stolen property if the value exceeds $250. This person also took the device's SIM card and case.

The user reported to iResQ that only the device's screen needed to be replaced, and that other aspects of the device still appeared to be in working order. She also reported small dents in the side of the device, but did not request these be fixed.

Upon receiving the customer's damaged iPad, iResQ fixed the cracked screen. In addition, iResQ also modified the back casing of the device free of charge to ensure the repaired screen would sit correctly. The device is now back to working order thanks to iResQ's iPad repair services, and we have since shipped it back to the customer.

TechAdvisor stated location applications like the one used by this customer can make a lost device sound an alert even when on silent mode, display the position of a lost device and present a lost message on the device's home screen. These apps can also remotely lock a device or delete all content to prevent a thief from viewing sensitive information.

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