iBreak Stories: The swollen battery

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Here at iResQ, we’ve seen just about every kind of broken Apple product – or so we think, until new types of accidents and odd occurrences crop up and surprise us. It’s always interesting to see new examples of how stuff breaks.

One customer from Wilmington, North Carolina, recently sent in a 32GB iPhone 3GS, which they said had spontaneously come apart without dropping or otherwise damaging it.

Sure enough, the phone had literally popped open due to a badly swollen battery! In the process, the battery, backplate, logic board, headphone jack and LCD screen were all damaged. All of these components need to be replaced in order to make the iPhone usable and safe.

A swollen battery could potentially explode and release harmful fumes, and people who notice their phone bulging should seek out iPhone repair services from iResQ.

This is not as rare of a problem as it sounds, and it’s not limited to just iPhone batteries either. Forums like MacRumors and Apple’s own Support Communities are full of users who report swollen batteries in their iPhones and MacBooks.

It’s easy to get attached to your devices, but it’s also important to replace a swollen battery or other damaged parts to avoid a safety risk and keep the devices working smoothly.


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