iBreak stories: The most expensive bathroom break

General Knowledge

Bathroom breaks aren't typically expensive ventures. They are usually relatively tame parts of your day, with not much variation from one bathroom break to the next. Well, one Placida, Florida, Apple device owner recently took what he called, “the most expensive bathroom break I have ever taken.”

While taking a recent bathroom break, this device owner decided to take his 64 GB iPad mini along for the trip to keep himself entertained. He was playing an intense game on the device when he got a little overzealous and dropped it onto the hard tile floor. When the iPad mini hit the floor, its screen was cracked diagonally from the top left to the middle right of the device.

When we received the device, it was clear it had a broken glass digitizer and was in need of a new screen. We installed iPad replacement glass, and that was all it took to get this iPad mini fully functional once again. Next time this device owner heads off for a bathroom break, he'll have his device back in hand and ready to play games. Just remember to wash your hands!

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