iBreak Stories: The boat slip-up

General Knowledge

We always had a feeling there was a reason they called those places in a marina “boat slips,” and the story of one iPhone owner from Dallas makes us think we’re onto something.

We received this 16GB iPhone 4 after a boatside slip-up left the owner bobbing in the water of a neighboring boat slip. Not only did this incident send the owner’s phone on a voyage with the U.S.S. Wet Pocket, but the metal boat lift in the slip cracked the iPhone screen and casing.

When we looked at the phone, we found that it had suffered water damage, its screen was cracked, its housing was bent and it would not recognize a SIM card. As is often the case when phones are fully submerged in water, this iPhone needed a new logic board – the circuit board that runs iOS and stores data – as well as a new battery. The cracked screen also meant a new digitizer and LCD screen would have to be installed, and the casing needed to be bent back into place.

Although it involved a hefty list of iPhone repair tasks, fixing this device was not beyond the capabilities of iResQ’s experienced technicians. When it comes to handling tough repairs, we’re the captains of the ship.

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