iBreak stories: South American faux pas

General Knowledge

On a recent trip to South America, one iPad mini owner from Maryland dropped her brand new tablet. She went to a local store to try to get the device fixed but it was unsuccessful – to say the least. In fact, the shop may have caused additional problems with their repair attempts.

“It looks like they removed the glass and then got lost and decided not to go any further,” she said to us in her letter.

After returning to the States, she decided to consult iResQ to see if we could try our hand at repairing the iPad mini. When we received the device, we found that the digitizer had been removed and there was no backlight. The iPad was able to sync but the home button cable was not properly attached. Since the digitizer had been removed, there were no touch capabilities. In addition, the sleep magnets in the device were mysteriously missing. Furthermore, the connection board from the digitizer to the logic board was not installed correctly: we found it hidden under the logic board.

However, we knew just what to do. We simply needed to replace the digitizer with a working product, re-attach the home button cable and digitizer connector board and install new sleep magnets. After performing an iPad repair, this iPad mini was as good as new.

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