iBreak Stories: Seventh inning splash

General Knowledge

San Francisco Giants fans may have been excited to win the 2012 World Series, but one San Jose iPhone owner wasn’t cheering when heavy rain drenched his device, which was in his girlfriend’s purse during the game. Worried it might be the last time he took his iPhone out to the ballgame, he tried drying it out the following day with little success.

In despair, he made a call to the bullpen to enlist iResQ’s iPhone repair experts. When we received the 32GB iPhone 4S, we were unable to get it to sync, charge or turn on despite multiple attempts. We determined there had been liquid damage to the headphone jack, logic board, dock, display and battery. Each of these needed replacement, which essentially meant building a new phone. The backplate and camera were the two components that remained intact.

In other words, this fan may have been rooting for the Giants, but his phone was definitely taking some lessons in fate from the unlucky Chicago Cubs. It’s usually possible to repair iPhones following water damage, but when the logic board is damaged, as in this case, it can be a pricey repair involving a number of components. However, we’ve seen just about everything at iResQ, and it was no problem for us to knock this fix out of the park.

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