iBreak stories: Schoolyard ice storm

General Knowledge

If you've got youngsters of your own, you are probably well aware of the stories they can come up with. One Des Moines parent expressed a bit of skepticism about her 9-year-old daughter's account when sending in this 64GB iPod touch. The daughter claimed to have loaned her iPod to a classmate before damage ensued.

Apparently, iPod touch was lent to a friend, who then lost control of the device when she slipped on the ice after an ice storm.

When we received the fourth generation, black iPod touch, it was clear that the glass digitizer was cracked pretty severely. The glass digitizer is the electronic component that sits under the glass display and is responsible for registering the touch of a human finger. It's basically what allows us to use the device. We performed an iPod touch repair, installing a new digitizer assembly to get it back in working order.

After our repairs, the iPod is not only usable, but it is like new once again! We were able to get this device back to the Iowa owner to decide if her daughter's story was credible enough to warrant the return of the iPod.

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