iBreak stories: Save the iPod or yourself

General Knowledge

One iPod touch owner recently shared a story with us about how he uses his fifth generation iPod touch while on the job as a home inspector and appraiser. He regularly takes photos of various parts of homes in order to use them for his final report to his customers.

“However, it doesn’t work so great when it falls off the roof!” he said. “I had to decide whether to drop the iPod or my own self, falling. Oops!”

When we received the 32 GB iPod touch, the physical damage was very apparent. However, this is a particularly common repair as the glass on the screen of the iPod touch is particularly fragile. Many people drop their iPod touch devices and wind up with similar damage.

We performed an iPod touch repair, replacing the screen with a flat rate service fee for the customer. In addition, we performed the repair on the same day we received the device, so we were able to speedily get the good-as-new iPod touch back to the owner. We think it was a wise choice for the owner to save himself over his device, and we’re happy we could help get the iPod back in working order so he could get back to climbing on roofs in no time.

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