iBreak stories: Puddle mishap

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Doesn't it always seem like puddles are strategically placed to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time? One Arcata, California, iPhone owner would agree with you on that point. While getting out of the car, this iPhone owner dropped her 16GB black Verizon iPhone 4 – and wouldn't you know it, it landed right in a puddle.

When we received the device, it was clear that the glass digitizer was broken from the fall, and it had liquid damage to the dock, battery, logic board and front facing camera. The unit was able to be powered on, however, it did not hold a charge and the camera didn't work properly.

We performed an iPhone repair on the device, and cleaned the liquid corrosion off of the logic board. We then replaced the dock, camera and front panel assembly. Our liquid damage repair was entirely successful, and the iPhone is back in working order, able to hold a charge and take photos right and left. We were happy to be able to help this northern Californian get back to being connected.

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