iBreak stories: Post office mishap

General Knowledge

We all multitask – although some of us merely try to multitask and wind up letting a particular task fall through the cracks, breaking something or even hurting ourselves. Simply put, there are certain people who are more talented than others when it comes to handling multiple tasks simultaneously. One iPod owner in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently attempted to multitask by both holding his iPod and carrying a few boxes into his local post office. His iPod touch was the casualty of his notable effort, slipping out of his hands and crashing to the pavement.

When we received the fifth generation 32 GB iPod touch, we immediately saw that the screen was broken. This type of iPod touch screen damage is becoming increasingly common for us to see here at iResQ, and this is due mostly to the device's popularity. In fact, the fifth generation iPod touch has increased in popularity since this latest version was released in October of 2012, with many praising the model's sleek design and options for personalization. Consumers can select from a variety of color options, including slate, silver, pink, yellow, blue and a special (PRODUCT) RED option, which, when purchased, a portion of the profits go to help support the fight against AIDS in Africa.

The iPod touch that we received had a blue back casing, and we discovered during our diagnostic exam that this was bent in addition to the cracked screen. The back casing can easily be replaced on these devices, but since the damage is only cosmetic, we like to leave it up to the customer to decide if they want to invest in these types of repairs. Our iPod touch repair was able to get this device back on its way to its owner in no time.

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