iBreak stories: Mom makes good save, but iPad falls 3 flights

General Knowledge

Multitasking doesn't always end well, and one Burlington, Massachusetts, mother found this lesson out the hard way. After getting her young son prepped and ready to go, the pair headed out to the park to hit up the swings and slides. As the pair started down the apartment building's stairs, the young whippersnapper was in her arms, and her iPad was clutched in her free hand. When Mom lost her footing, she was unable to hold on to both her son and her iPad at the same time. Quick on her feet, she made the right choice to hold on to her most precious cargo and let the iPad fall.

And boy, did it ever fall! The 16 GB model of the iPad 2 slipped to the stairs and fell a full three flights before finally coming to a halt. When we received the iPad, the screen had pretty significant damage. In addition, the corners of the tablet were scuffed from impact with the steps.

We performed an iPad repair on the device, bending and repainting the casing around its edge. We also replaced the digitizer/screen assembly, and in no time, it was as good as new! This mom made the right decision to hold on to her son, and we think she also made the right decision in turning to iResQ.

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