iBreak stories: MacBook Air got some air

General Knowledge

They don't call them MacBook Air laptops for nothing. These notebooks are designed to be as light as air – or pretty darn close, coming in at only 2.9 pounds. One device owner from Sarasota, Florida, recently put the product's name to the test. When we received the 13-inch MacBook Air, it was clear the device had endured something great, and the damage was extensive. The owner revealed that the MacBook had recently taken flight after being dropped off of a balcony, soaring majestically through the air before crashing into the ground.

The extent of the MacBook's damage created one of the more unusual situations we run into here at iResQ: A repair was not the best option for the device. As the picture helps to illustrate, the computer had damage in nearly every aspect. Only the hard drive and magsafe connector were still intact.

When we performed a diagnosis to take account of all the damaged components, we could see that the screen and display were torqued and bent, and the logic board had had components ripped clean off. We also discovered that the battery was punctured, and almost all outer casings had accrued significant cosmetic damage as well.

If we were to perform all necessary repairs, we would essentially be building a new computer from scratch, so in this case we did not recommend that a MacBook repair be performed. We understand that in some cases it simply doesn't make sense to repair devices, and we always want to provide device owners with the best information so that they can decide if they wish to proceed with repairs. We are always happy to help diagnose the extent of a device's damage.

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