iBreak stories: Letter to Santa

General Knowledge

With the holidays approaching, we couldn't help but be touched with this delightful story from Denver, Colorado. Most iPod touch owners use it to interact with media, whether that means listening to music, playing games, surfing the web or more. Well, one mother lent her 4th generation iPod touch to her young son to play a few games, and an accident occurred. The device was returned to her with a cracked screen and an apologetic face.

Our favorite part of this iBreak story comes from the endearing note we received along with the product when it was sent to us for repair.

“My child thinks this iPod had to go to the North Pole to get fixed. Don't know if you have a sticker, or someone could write a note. His name is John Paul. He loves baseball and is really into WWE wrestling. He has four brothers and two sisters. He is the youngest. Whatever you can do would be great!! Thanks!!”

We performed an iPod touch repair on the device, and, of course, honored the mother's request to play along that the iPod had been fixed by the elves at Santa's North Pole Workshop. John Paul, if you keep playing nicely with your brothers and sisters, Santa will be impressed!

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