iBreak stories: iPod gets hard drive replacement

iPod / General Knowledge

After dropping his iPod Classic on the tile floor, a Colorado customer sought out iResQ's iPod repair to bring his device back to life.

The user dropped his iPod on the tile floor, causing the device to freeze. Upon attempting to restart the device, a notification window appeared, prompting him to get his iPod restored. However, the customer tried restarting the device a second time and it seemed to function correctly for a short period of time before freezing again. After it was restarted, the device also began to emit a clicking noise not previously experienced by the customer.

The user also tried to connect the device to iTunes in an attempt to bring it back to working order. However, the iPod was not able to connect and did not appear on his menu bar.

The customer also said he had accidentally dropped his device previously, but it was unaffected and operated correctly until its most recent fall. He also stated he will be purchasing a case to prevent future problems.

The 160GB iPod was sent to iResQ, who performed a hard drive replacement and sent it back to the customer. The device now functions properly again.

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