iBreak stories: iPod detention

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While teachers always appreciate a student's full attention, the lure of the iPod can be strong enough to make some students try to sneak a peek during class. For one Chicago student, the iPod's pull was impossible to resist.

This student got bold and slipped his iPod out of his bag to discreetly check on all that was trending in the world of Twitter and chat with his friends on iMessages. However, socializing in class can be tricky to do undetected. While trying to hide the iPod, he made a false move and the iPod suffered a fall to the classroom floor. His teacher was not so happy with him, and while he got in some serious trouble, his iPod suffered some consequences too – namely, a broken digitizer.

We received his 8GB iPod touch 4th generation and knew just what to do. In fact, this type of repair is so common that we see about 20 cases just like this per day! We performed an iPod repair and fixed up the digitizer, and were able to send it right on back to the student in less than one day.

The student is now free to return to the thrills of secret social media use during class hours. Maybe this time, he can use a calculator app to put his iPod touch to classroom-appropriate use.

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