iBreak stories: iPad chew toy

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It turns out our fine, four-legged companions may not always be able to tell the difference between their dog bone and a shiny iPad. One iPad owner in Avon, Ohio, recently discovered this the hard way. He had placed his iPad on the kitchen counter, a spot he thought was well out of reach of Fluffy, but Fluffy  was up to the challenge! (Note: The name of this dog has been made up to protect his reputation among dogs who know the difference between a tablet and a steak.) The iPad was knocked to the floor by the persistent pup, who then proceeded to chew on it as if it was a gourmet T-bone.

When we received the 32 GB iPad 2 with 3G, it was clear that the glass digitizer was broken and needed to be replaced. Without a working glass digitizer, the iPad couldn't register the touch of a human finger, rendering the device useless. We performed an iPad repair to replace the important component.

Fluffy sure relished that Apple! When we received the device, the bottom right corner was noticeably cosmetically damaged, with teeth marks to boot! We were able to simply bend out and reform the backplate of the device, and we also sanded down the rough edges and teeth marks to make the damaged area smooth and uniform once again. The device is now back in working order, ready for Fluffy to make his next move.

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