iBreak stories: Happy birthday, sonny

General Knowledge

One tech-savvy grandmother recently went above and beyond to give her grandson a special gift for his birthday. This Newton, Connecticut, native wanted to pass on her first-generation iPad, but she had begun to run into issues with it. The device would not consistently charge when plugged into a power source. She would have to try time and time again to get the iPad to charge, each time crossing her fingers that when she plugged it in, the “charging” message would appear. The device would also not sync with her computer, making it impossible to interact with iTunes.

She had nearly given up hope of getting it repaired until she found iResQ. After taking a look at our reviews and feedback ratings, she expressed that she had 100 percent confidence in our abilities to repair her device.

“I love this thing and can’t wait to have it working correctly again,” the owner wrote in her message to us. “Then I can give it to my grandson.”

When we received the 64 GB 3G first-generation iPad, we performed a diagnostic to see what the issue was. We discovered that while there did not appear to be any obvious physical damage to the docking port, it simply wasn’t functioning as it should be and needed to be replaced.

This issue is actually quite common with the older first-generation iPad devices. When the user is experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues, this is also often a red flag that a new dock port is necessary. For this type of iPad repair, we offer a flat rate service that allows us to install a new dock and test it all with same day service. We were happy to deliver results and get the iPad back to the owner so that it could be passed on to a particularly lucky birthday boy.

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