iBreak stories: Easy fix for noisy iPad

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One customer from New York sent over their third-generation 64GB iPad recently after noticing that when the volume was turned up for any form of media, including video chats, music and app sounds, there was a static sound that should not be there. Sound would play, but the user wanted iPad repair to have the static and crackling sound fixed.

The customer said he didn't notice a specific time when the crackling started. One day, he simply turned the volume of their iPad up and the sound quality was terrible. After talking to Apple and trying a reset of the device, there was no improvement, causing the customer to believe this was a hardware issue. He then sent the device over to iResQ for an inspection, and it was confirmed by our technicians that the speaker was the cause of the static sound.

Like we are able to do in many similar instances, we performed an iPad repair and sent the device back to New York on the same day we received it, giving satisfaction to another happy customer. Anyone that has trouble with their device can send it over to our expert technicians at iResQ, who will work to have the device back as soon as possible.

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