iBreak stories: Double trouble

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Or maybe we should say quadruple trouble. This story comes from a hardworking mother of quadruplets from Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania. If you happen to have a few children of your own, you might already know that when you get something for one kid, you almost have to get something for your other children, too.

This mom of four got each of her bunch fourth generation iPod touch 4G devices last Christmas, which got a bit pricey. She sent us two of those devices recently, telling us that she was devastated when less than a year after purchasing the product, one of her kids cracked the screen and another device had broken charging port pins.

Her note she sent with the devices read, “Thanks, hope you can fix. I have quadruplets and two of the four iPods are broken – UGH!!”

We could feel her frustration! This busy mom was told by local repair technicians that because the process of repairing the dock connector was so intricate, it would not be worth the repair cost. However, she sent them on over to us, and we performed an iPod touch repair on each device. We were able to fix both devices and send them back over to her within 24 hours.

Her response?: “UNBELIEVABLE!!”

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