iBreak Stories: Don’t try this at home

General Knowledge

Sure, iPhone repair isn’t quite the same as jumping a motorcycle over a burning building. But, just as a stuntman might advise you not to try the latter at home, you may want to leave the former to the experts as well.

We received this 8GB iPhone 3GS from a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin customer who had tried to replace the device’s cracked glass and was unable to get the new screen working. Not only was the repair unsuccessful, but the process broke the digitizer purchased for self install and cracked the lock connector where the frame contacts the logic board.

Fortunately, we were able to get the unit working with a digitizer of our own, and we used some extra adhesive to fix the frame connection. At iResQ, we’ve been repairing Apple devices since 1994, and we’ve seen just about every problem.

While it may seem easy to handle an iPhone repair yourself, replacing a screen requires a delicate touch and an expert eye. Let us take care of the cracked screens. Better yet, avoid an accident by taking your iPhone out of your pocket before your next motorcycle jump, you daredevil.

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