iBreak stories: Don’t let your phone suffer from self-repair

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When an Apple iPhone breaks, people often don't know what to do about it. Although some Google searches may inform these users that they can make simple fixes themselves, iPhone repair isn't as easy as it seems, as one iResQ customer from Kansas City, Mo.,recently found out.

The customer dropped his phone and the screen broke, as they are known to do. After spending $65 on a replacement screen kit that promised full instructions for how to repair the device, he had problems putting the device back to its original state. Even hours of online research couldn't help, and this customer had to take his phone into iResQ for further help.

When iResQ received the phone, it was in pieces due to the attempt at repairing the device by the user. A cable that connects the screen to the logic board was detached, the 3G cable was ripped and the external speaker was damaged. The power button was also completely missing from the set of parts given. It was a bad situation, but it was not completely unfixable. 

After evaluating the phone, iResQ's expert technicians were able to effectively repair the device at an affordable price. However, this story should serve as a warning to those considering performing an iPhone repair themselves, as it is more wise to leave the repairs to the experts who know what they are doing every step of the way. The $65 paid for the repair kit in this situation could have easily been money saved had the device been taken in for repair first.

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