iBreak Stories: Corrosion in the ocean

General Knowledge

Many sailors worry about being lost at sea, but the tale less often told in pirate shanties is that of the data that suffers such a fate in the briny depths. For one San Jose, California, iPhone owner, a recent boating outing nearly left valuable photos, music, personal information and more in Davy Jones’ locker.

We received this 16GB iPhone 4 after it fell from a boat slip into the ocean, an accident that cracked the screen and caused the phone to no longer turn on. When we opened the phone, we found that its logic board had been severely corroded from submersion in salt water. The water had also damaged the dock, cameras, battery, vibrate motor, speaker assembly, headphone jack and power button, while the fall had left the digitizer cracked and the frame bent.

We were able to clean the corrosion from the logic board and successfully recover the customer’s data. We then replaced the cracked screen and performed the iPhone repair. The customer was thrilled to recover what turned out to be some very valuable information stored on the phone, while Davy Jones was left without his corroded victim.

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