iBreak stories: Charged for explosion

General Knowledge

When you hear the words, “dangerous explosion,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably not your favorite Apple device – you’re probably thinking of something more along the lines of a classic Die Hard film. But keep an eye on your electronics because it’s not as rare as you might think to have your Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad or MacBook become a low-grade explosive. An iPod touch we recently received from Chelmsford, Massachusetts, did exactly that.

We received this first generation 32 GB iPod touch with a note from the owner indicating that the battery would drain very quickly and that the backplate appeared to be warped. We took a diagnostic look at it, and we could see that the backplate was slightly separated and lifted, which often means there is a swollen battery inside.

When we opened the device up, the battery actually swelled to the extreme and exploded, which can be quite dangerous. The explosion caused the logic board and all other components to burn slightly, leaving a char. However, we handled the hazardous explosion promptly and we exposed of the unit properly.

This story is unfortunate because the swollen battery caused enough damage to render the device beyond repair, and an iPod touch battery replacement was not an economic option for this device. However, we thought it was important to share this story, as it is a prime example of how even the safest devices and smallest electronics can be quite dangerous. It is always good practice to let iResQ’s expert technicians handle repairs because you never know if something will take a turn for the worst. Our skilled workers know exactly what to do if things take an unsafe turn.

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