iBreak stories: Calling all mechanics

General Knowledge

We received an iPhone from an ironically named city in New York, given the nature of the device damage. The owner comes from Mechanicville, and recently found himself in need of more than one type of mechanic. He told us that his son was in a dangerous car wreck, flipping his jeep. The iPhone was thought to be lost for good, having been flung out of the car during the crash. The son had tried to locate it by calling it, but the phone just went straight to voicemail.

However, the phone was found four days later, resting in a snow bank near where the accident occurred. It looked to be in good physical condition, but it wouldn’t turn on. When we received the 16 GB iPhone 4S,  we found that not only would the device not power on, but there was corrosion on the battery, logic board, front panel and dock. In addition, we found scorch marks on the logic board at the front panel connection.

Due to the severity of damage and the burned components, we were not able to simply clean off the corrosion and perform an easy iPhone repair. In fact, all the components needed to be replaced.

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