iBreak stories: Bullying cracks screen

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Many children now have iPhones to stay in touch with their friends, family and other loved ones, but this is quite an expensive and sensitive device to be leaving with young ones at all times. One recent iResQ customer from Massachusetts had to send in their white iPhone 4S after the lens was smashed due to an incident their daughter had at school.

The customer's daughter was attacked by a girl at school, and the daughter turned around and beat the bully up, according to the mother. This turned out to be a mistaken case of identity, as the bully in question thought the young girl was someone else. Even so, the daughter's iPhone fell out of her pocket without any sort of case or cover on it and was smashed up.

In this case, the phone still worked fairly well but the girl's parent was concerned that the screen was dangerous to use as-was. The phone was replaced for the child, but the parent still wanted the 4S as a backup device just in case something else happened.

No matter how a device is broke, customers can count on iResQ to be there for iPhone repair. Whether a bullying situation at school or simply dropping the device by accident, we can salvage any device.

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