iBreak stories: Broken pins lead to sound trouble

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A customer from Pennsylvania sent in his iPhone to iResQ when he noticed he couldn't completely turn the power off on the device. Instead of simply turning off, the device would shut down and instantly power back on, leaving the user confused about what was happening to the device. After noticing some bent pins in the dock connector and trying to fix the device himself, the phone was able to shut down, but there were still problems such as text and app alerts not working properly. The ringer adjustment also didn't display the volume level, puzzling this customer even further and causing him to send the device in for iPhone repair.

After we received this device at iResQ headquarters, we noticed the dock was definitely damaged, causing the volume button problems on the iPhone. While this may seem strange to many users not familiar with the innards of the device, the dock draws power from the logic board, which gets power from the battery. When the dock is charging the battery, it provides a current into the logic board and the battery to charge the device, which means that the dock controls power to the external speakers. This was the reason this device was having these troubles.

Quickly figuring out the problem, our trained technicians at iResQ were able to replace the iPhone's dock with a minimal charge to the customer, and it is now working as it should be again.

Although many people may simply give up the ghost of their old device and buy a new one, iPhone repair is a much simpler and more effective way to get the end result. Plus, looking at the Apple Store, iPhones can run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for used devices to nearly $900. This is a large amount of money compared to what a customer would pay for iPhone repair through iResQ.

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