iBreak stories: Better roads ahead

MacBook / General Knowledge

MacBook users have dropped their computers in plenty of different places: off a counter, in their car, while at work. However, one unfortunate owner dropped his device in one of the worst spots imaginable: a busy street in Malibu, California.

The MacBook owner was out for a ride on his motorcycle with his device encased in a satchel on the vehicle. As he rode along, the satchel became loose and eventually fell off the motorcycle. As if that wasn't bad enough, multiple cars ran over the bag containing the MacBook, causing what looked to be irreparable damage, breaking both the casing and the screen.

However, after deciding not to pick up the $2,200 tab on a replacement MacBook from Apple, the owner sent it into iResQ, the best in MacBook repair. Their experts were able to make the computer like brand new once again, for a lot less than a replacement would cost. iResQ's expert technicians fixed a variety of parts including: logic board, display assembly, superdrive, bottom case, top case with keyboard, battery, 500​ GB hard drive and trackpad.

The owner was happy to receive his MacBook back in pristine condition for a reasonable price. And he'll make sure to better secure his computer on his motorcycle next time.

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