iBreak stories: Babies, open liquids and iPhones do not mix

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Many people naturally assume that a baby's tiny hands and an iPhone do not go together well, but for those who like to let small babies play with all their favorites electronics, here is lesson for you. We recently received a 16 GB Sprint iPhone 4S from New Orleans, Louisiana, that had had a run-in with a baby and a beverage.

The device's owner explained that the iPhone had been knocked out of her hand by an adorable baby, landing perfectly in a nearby cup filled with a refreshing beverage. What are the chances? Well, let's just say that the stars do not appear to have been properly aligned.

During our initial diagnosis, we discovered that there was still a considerable amount of liquid present in the interior of the phone. In fact, when we picked the device up, the liquid literally began dripping out of the iPhone's docking port. Our first step was to air the smartphone out so that it could dry a bit.

After drying the iPhone, we found that the device was completely dead and would not power on. After closer inspection, we were able to determine that it needed a new logic board, front panel, dock connector, headphone jack and both front and back cameras to work again. We performed an iPhone repair, and the device was promptly sent back to the Bayou as baby-resistant as possible.

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