iBreak stories: Android-powered Samsung? What are you doing here?

General Knowledge

If you're one of our avid followers or even a new visitor, you might have thought that iResQ services are limited to Apple's iOS devices. While the majority of our services are related to Apple products, we also offer repairs for a variety of non-Apple devices, including the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and HTC EVO smartphones. We also continue to add more phone and tablet models to expand our repair service offerings

As you can see, we recently received a damaged Samsung Galaxy S3 from Lees Summit, Missouri. The owner explained that the phone had been dropped while getting out of the car. When it collided with the pavement, the screen was badly cracked. In fact, upon impact, a web-like pattern of cracks spread across the entire screen.

This type of broken screen issue is a pretty straightforward and common repair, regardless of whether the device is from Apple or powered by Google's Android operating system. We performed a Samsung Galaxy repair, replacing the front panel assembly to get the unit back to pristine operating condition. We wanted to highlight this particular iBreak story to let you know that whether it is your EVO, iPhone or Android phone that is broken, iResQ can fix it.

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