iBreak stories: A great fall

General Knowledge

When we get stories in from Apple device owners, we like to share their experiences. This Raleigh, North Carolina, iPad owner didn’t tell us exactly what happened to his device except to note that it “fell down,” but we could imagine: Your iPad fell down, you say? We pictured the iPad teetering on a wall like Humpty Dumpty, who as we all know, had a great fall.

When we received this 64 GB Wi-Fi iPad 3, we could see that the iPad did indeed suffer a great fall. The glass digitizer was cracked and the backplate was bent at the corner, presumably the point of impact. However, the owner requested that only the glass be repaired and no body replacement be done since the iPad was still fully functional.

He was concerned that replacing the backplate would just add up to an unnecessary cost for a simple cosmetic blemish. Fixing a dented backplate is actually quite a common request, and our technicians had no problem making it look as good as new without additional costs of new parts. We performed an iPad repair, replacing the glass digitizer and bending out the dent in the backplate for no additional cost. We understand these situations and were able to get the job done and back to the customer in no time.

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