iBreak: Power struggle

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Imagine the horror of giving a broken gift.

A customer from Cheyenne, Wyo., purchased a used iPod Touch from a seller who claimed the device was in perfect working order. Upon an initial power-up, the iPod seemed to be fully functioning, and it was set aside for the customer's daughter's birthday a few weeks later.

Fast forward to the big day. When the birthday girl went to take her new iPod for a test run, the device did not turn on. A brief charging session yielded enough power to take a couple of pictures, but after being left alone for 24 hours, the iPod again claimed to be all out of juice. Repeated charging – be it through the computer or a wall outlet – continually proved fruitless, with a blank white screen temporarily bricking the device after even prolonged connection and minimal use. Troubleshooting efforts, which included manual resets, provided little headway for the customer, who was able only to adjust personal information before losing power once again. At this point, all photos taken prior to troubleshooting have probably been lost, and the recipient of the gift has not even been able to search for and install apps – a touchstone of the modern iPod experience.

For a family that has owned and enjoyed Apple products previously, this must have been incredibly frustrating. One bad experience can sour anyone on a brand name, even if the purchase originated with a private seller. Given that the device would function normally for a short while before ceasing to respond, there must have been a lot of false hope surrounding the device's integrity.

But that is where iResQ came in.

Taking the power back
The customer contacted iResQ and explained – in addition to the displeasure of their experiences – the state of the device. Upon receiving the iPod, a team of specialists here ran tests and determined that a faulty battery was to blame for the poor performance. A replacement was approved by the customer, and the iPod was returned in prefect working order and able to be used for much longer than before without charging.

It's nice when things work the way that they are supposed to. Do you have an Apple device like an iPod in need of a little fixing up? Visit iResQ today for all of your iPhone, iPad and iPod repair today.

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