iBreak: LC-D’oh!

General Knowledge

The situation
A young woman got in contact with us because a situation with her 13-inch MacBook Air had gone from bad to worse. She first began to notice the problem when some vertical and horizontal lines showed up on her screen and did not go away. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened: the lines became more pronounced, increasing in thickness and size and forming a large and highly distracting “L” shape in the middle of the screen until it was no longer possible to see enough to operate the device. 

Some background
A week before the problem rendered the MacBook unusable, the device had taken a little tumble. According to the customer's brother, the Air – which was sitting closed at the time – fell from two feet above ground and its screen hit a metal chair.

Getting to the root of the problem
The customer was able to ascertain that the problem involved the LCD screen, since the rest of the computer worked fine. Sadly, the fact that the device collided with a metal chair almost certainly directly caused the LCD damage.

The solution
We told the customer we'd need to replace her LCD screen. But with a low cost MacBook repair and quick turnaround time, it ended up being a hassle-free process for her. She can now return to crystal clear computing.

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