iBreak: Kids these days

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Children can be so cruel.

A customer in Dayton, Va., submitted an iPad for repair that had found its way into the hands of an angry youngster. Judging from the break, it could not have happened accidentally. Blunt force trauma was applied to the device, cracking the screen and scaring the customer's daughter into backing up an alibi. Unfortunately, kids don't always understand the consequences of their actions and how fragile these devices can be. It might feel good to vent frustrations on inanimate objects, but the targets in these instances can often be of great value to their owners. In this case, they can be pretty expensive, too.

But thankfully, the iResQ team is around to pick up the pieces after a temper tantrum strikes.

Despite the purposeful nature of the damage, iResQ staff determined that the iPad only required a new digitizer – the outer glass plating of the tablet. Upon customer approval, a replacement was installed and the device was returned to a like-new condition. 

No tablet is inherently childproof. Have an iPad that did not survive your little one's last round of Angry Birds? Visit iResQ today for all of your iPad repair needs.

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