iBreak: iPhone held prisoner

General Knowledge

The situation
A New York woman reached out to us in a state of distress. Her son's iPod had been disabled. Accompanying the breakdown was an announcement that it was disabled – with the screen displaying a much more alarming message telling her to try again in 24,000,000 minutes. She tried several reset options but they were fruitless. Since neither she nor her son had 24 million minutes to wait, she contacted us for an iPod repair. 

Getting to the root of the problem
We asked the woman to tell us a little about the events leading up to the disabling. She said nothing peculiar had precipitated the phone being locked. The battery had been very low, and so they'd decided to charge it. Suddenly, midway through the charge, the message appeared. The woman was shocked because the disabling apparently came out of nowhere.

The solution
Fortunately for the woman, we offer a Passcode Reset service. And even better for her, it's an iPod repair that's on the house – all she had to do was ship the device to us. Trying to get to the root of a technical glitch like the 24 million minutes warning can be downright enraging. That's why we offer a one-step solution that saves you the hassle and the headache. In this woman's case, she sent us her iPod, our technicians did a quick restore, and sent it back to her. Problem solved. 

Tackling the problem yourself
If you want to save yourself some postage and get back to your music quicker, Apple provides DIY instructions for restoring the device. This involves plugging the device into iTunes, resyncing it and then choosing the restore option on your computer. If you've never synced your iPod with iTunes, then you'll have to erase the device.

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