iBreak: iPhone 5C repair water damage

iPhone / General Knowledge

The situation: A Virginia man got in touch with us because his device required an iPhone repair following one regrettable 30-minute dip in the pool.

What caused it: The situation was an unfortunate case of the old “forgot to check my back pocket.” You see, Apple users – or perhaps just all human beings – have a tendency to forget what they might have on their persons, even when they're about to submerge themselves in an entirely new element. Such was the case with the Virginia man, who only discovered after a 30-minute swim that his phone had been on him the entire time. Hopping out of the water, he assessed the damage and discovered the phone was completely non-functional. Because he's something of a repair aficionado, he decided to attempt some restorative methods himself, first giving the device a cleansing bath in alcohol and also buying a new screen and battery, which he proceeded to install. While the new battery enabled the device to power on, the new screen did not register any display. That's when the man sent the device to us.

The solution: While we commend the man for his efforts, we also want to use this opportunity to point out that a situation like this warrants professional repair. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't hesitate to call us. 

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